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Onna no keisatsu Kokusaisen machiaishitsu

Appointment with Danger

女の警察 国際線待合室

Release Date
February, 7th, 1970
Running Time
84 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Kagari (Akira Kobayashi), a scout and overseer of Ginza bar hostesses, receives an urgent phone call from Sawako (Tokie Hidari), a hostess at the bar Rie, and rushes to Tokyo International Airport to meet her. When he arrives she is gone. At the bar he learns that Tabuchi (Kunia Kaga), a steady customer, had been quite friendly with Sawako and may know something.
Tabuchi claims he knows nothing and Kagari lets the matter drop. Shortly afterward he meets Yoko (Yoko Tobe), a clerk in a shoe store, who begs him to get her a job as a hostess. He finds her a job at the bar Mina run by his friend Mina (Mina Aoe) and in a short while Yoko is one of the most popular girls.
Then Kagari learns from Takijima (Hiroyuki Nagata), a businessman, that Sawako is in a hospital in Yokohama. Takijima explains that he found her in Singapore working as a street girl and brought her back to Japan. Sawako had lost her memory after being subjected to narcotics. Kagari swears to find the person responsible.
Yoko, who has fallen for Kagari, is jealous of Sawako. But he explains that it is only his feeling of outrage at selling human flesh and not his love for her.
Kagari gets a lucky break when Sawako's memory is restored and she tells him that Tabuchi injected her with narcotics and sold her into white slavery in Singapore. In the meantime Yoko has embarked on her own investigation and taken up with Tabuchi.
Just as Tabuchi is about to inject the deadly narcotic into Yoko, Kagari breaks in and subdues him. Tabuchi is fired from his post as managing director of a trading firm and arrested for trafficking in human flesh and Kagari returns to scouting beautiful women.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1970.13.2】

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