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Hachigatsu no nureta suna

Wet Sand in August


Release Date
August, 25th, 1971
Running Time
91 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

[ Directed by ]

[ Cast ]

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[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Story ]

Kiyoshi, graduate of seventeen, is an aimless young boy. Kenichiro (Takenori Murano), eighteen, a high-school drop-out of the same breed, but more drastic in action. Maki (Midori Fujita), twenty-one, is a wealthy girl in pursuit of thrills and her sister Sanae (Teresa Noda), sixteen, a colorful character imparting interest to Kiyoshi's dry heart. Kazuko (Kazuyo Sumita), seventeen, a similar type, is bright, but a weakling girl.
One morning, Kiyoshi on his motorcycle sees Sanae dumped ahead of him from a car after being group-raped by a gang of delinquent youths. She washes in the sea and Kiyoshi carries her homeward, but she disappears on the way. Kenichiro, while away his time, molesting Kazuko, a sweetie of Shuji. Maki then visits Kiyoshi, taking him foF one of her sister's rapists. Enraged, Kiyoshi attempts to violate Maki in a car. Kiyoshi and Kenichiro then drink together at a bar run by the latter's widowed mother, Masako, to find Kamei courting her. Kenichiro, instinctively dislikes Kamei.
When Sanae and Kiyoshi go to the beach, they discover the rapist-students. Joined by Kenichiro, the trio capture their car and deal with them relentlessly. The trio then go to Sanae's villa where they happen to seize a petty burglar. The following night, Kenichiro is beaten up by Kamei's hired mobsters. Shuji, enraged over Kenichiro's near-rape of his sweetheart, challenges him to a duel but is beaten.
He then rapes Kazuko who is shocked into suicide. Nothing interests Kiyoshi and Ken- ichiro. Kamei then invites all to a yachting party. Seeking revenge, they all, accept and just before sailing, drive Kamei and Masako ashore at gun-point. Aboard the lone yacht at sea, Kenichiro and Kiyoshi successfully assault Maki and Sanae shoots the two to end their nihilistic lives.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971.14.4】

[ Contact (International) ]

Nikkatsu Corporation
International Sales

3-28-12 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Attn: KAWAI Emico, FURUKAWA Mami, KATO Taku, SUNG Tzwei
tel: +81 3 5689 1014
fax: +81 3 5689 1044

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