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Furyoshojo Mako

Bad Girl Mako

不良少女 魔子

Release Date
August, 25th, 1971
Running Time
83 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Free from every moral restraint, a group of girl delinquents led by Yuri (Yuko Tobe) is rampaging through a big city amusement center. These girls, including Mako (Junko Natsu), Harumi (Setsuko Minami), Okazu (Chieko Harada) and Sanae (Misuzu Ota),
raise money by extortion and other petty crimes.
Their local male counterparts- Hideo, Tetsu, Yoji and Sabu-approach the girls for alliance , only to be beaten and kicked . Then revengeful boys capture Mako and Hideo tries to rape her. While her companions look for her, Mako narrowly escapes and comes back as proud and nonchalant as ever.
Make's elder brother, Tanabe (Tatsuya Fuji), a member of the local Yasuoka-gumi gang, tries to restrain Hideo and his team, but eventually stabs Yoji after an argument. In retaliation, Hideo and Tetsu disrupts the gang's call-girl system, and the gang's boss orders Tanabe to dispose of them.
Mako, now with a growing affection for Hideo, rushes to the boys' hideout to inform them of the danger. Learning of the gang's additional marijuana traffic from her, Hideo and his team momentarily deprive them of that trade. The gang then subjects the girls to torture, but the latter resolve to side with the boys against the cold-hearted gang.
Tetsu is captured by the gang and turned into its lackey and the other boys and girls, seeking refuge in a lakeside camp, attempt to disrupt the gang's pot traffic. The gang raids the camp and rapes the girls. Though Mako is protected by Tanabe, her friend Hideko is killed. Hideo pursues Tetsu and dies when his car crashes. Shocked into despair, Mako even stabs her brother, and then , eventurlly kills Tetsu amid a fashionable poolside crowd.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971.14.4】

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