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Irogoyomi Ooku hiwa

Castle Orgies


Release Date
November, 20th, 1971
Running Time
68 min
Screening Format
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During the 300-year rule of the Tokugawas absolute power lay in the hands of the Shogun, and the Shogun's life in the inner castle during the regime of some of these powerful rulers was sensational, to say the least. Ienari the eleventh Shogun had an indefatigable lust for women and to win his favor men offer girls they hope will please him. Then as these girls increase the inner castle becomes the breeding ground of rivalry, jealousy, as well as violent emotions. Atomi, a samurai, has sent Yae (Setsuko Ogawa), his own daughter, to serve the Shogun, although he knows that she loves Katsuta (Yoichi Nishikawa), a young and promising samurai. To her horror, Yae is assigned to the almost unbearable task of remaining in the same room when an innocent and frightened maiden becomes a woman in the arms of the Shogun.
There is also the deviated love of women for women, among the frustrated and bitter court ladies the Shogun had discarded.
As Yae accompanies a lady-in-waiting to a temple, she discovers that these visits are often not for worship but for dalliance with the priests.
The time finally comes when it is Yae's turn to serve the Shogun, but her jealous rivals spread rumors that she is not a virgin. The unthinkable has happened! The Shogun, in a towering rage, casts her into a nunnery. Her outraged father vows to kill her for bringing disgrace upon his head, but he secretly sends her away from Edo with Katsuta, the man she loves.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972.15.1】

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