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Daichi no fuyu no nakamatachi

Children of the Snow Country


Release Date
January, 1st, 1972
Running Time
65 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Standard (1:1.37)

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[ Story ]

Short summers and long winters are the rule in Hokkaido lying in the north of Japan. The scenery in Hokkaido is magnificent with towering mountains, fire-belching volcanoes, deep valleys, forests cradling lakes and vast plains with rare flora and fauna.
During summer when the rest of Japan is sweltering, a cool sunlit Hokkaido is a delight to tourists, but it is different for the miners and the settlers who live here trying to wrest a living from the earth.
Sabu is the fourth son of a settler. His family is poor but this does not quench his exuberant spirits. Always up to mischievous pranks but secure in the love of his family and with a deep sense of fair play he is a true son of Hokkaido.
Everything is fine until Kazuo, nicknamed Catch, transfers to Sabu's school. Sabu had never seen a bookworm before, so this boy disturbs him. School is a place to play and study but Catch does nothing but study.
Not even boys like being ignored. Catch acts as if Sabu is too far below him to wipe his boots. Sabu is filled with resentment and hatred. It had not happened to him before.
The school excursion turns out to be the fateful day of their showdown. In Sabu, hate and a feeling of respect for Catch are jumbled together. Their fight thaws the ice and they become fast friends.
Catch's mother and brothers had been killed in mine accidents. He and his father are left alone. So he became withdrawn and uncommunicative. His father dies soon after this and Sabu must soon say goodbye to his new friend.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from JAPANESE FILM 1975】

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