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Yojyohan fusuma no urabari

Love in a Small Room


Release Date
November, 3rd, 1973
Running Time
72 min
Screening Format
Screen Size

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[ Story ]

At the Umegae Restaurant, the mistress is waiting for Sodeko, the geisha. Her guest is a man in his thirties. He resembles an actor in appearance and mannerisms. It is summer and there are riots over the shortage of rice but Shinsuke couldn't care less.
When an apprentice geisha becomes a full-fledged geisha, she usually offers her virginity to an older, wealthy man who to have the experience will pay an exorbitant price. This old custom in Japan stems from the fact that older men will be gentle in handling innocent girls.
Sodeko is a new geisha and is unaccustomed to Shinsuke's ways, so she turns off the light. At first, she is merely docile but eventually, he awakens answering fires within her. Shinsuke watches with satisfaction. What man is not proud of his conquest of women? But, this time Shinsuke has met his equal in Sodeko.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from JAPANESE FILM 1975】

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