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Bayside Shakedown / 踊る大捜査線

Odoru Daisosasen The Movie 2

Bayside Shakedown 2 - International Version

踊る大捜査線 THE MOVIE2 レインボーブリッジを封鎖せよ!

Release Date
July, 19th, 2003
Running Time
119 min
Feature , Series
Screening Format

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Fuji Television Network

[ Story ]

The smash-hit sequel to the theatrical adaptation of the hit TV series. Bayside Shakedown 2's box office figures in the first three days exceeded the record set by Spirited Away, going on to become the highest grossing domestic live-action film of all time.
A bizarre homicide and a serial street ripper case happen at the same time in the Tokyo Bay area, so a special task force is set up at the Wangan Police Department. Aoshima Shunsaku (Oda Yuji), Onda Sumire (Fukatsu Eri), Kashiwagi Yukino and others start investigating, with Muroi (Yanagiba Toshiro) coming back to Wangan as an assistant to the head of the force. While investigating the murder, Shunsaku sees a suspect in the street ripper case. He chases the suspect, but loses him. Then, Yukino is kidnapped, Sumire is shot, and the two cases become increasingly puzzling. Eventually, the team finds out that the criminals are a foursome of salarymen who've been laid off. They close the Rainbow Bridge to capture them.

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tel: +81 3 6230 9710
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