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(c)2017 avex digital Inc.

(c)2017 avex digital Inc.

(c)2017 avex digital Inc.

(c)2017 avex digital Inc.

(c)2017 avex digital Inc.

(c)2017 avex digital Inc.

Release Date : September, 16th, 2017
Running Time : 112 min
Genre : Drama , Feature

Color : Color
Screening Format : DCP
Screen Size : -
Sound Processing : -

Screening Format with Subtitles

  • ・English (DCP)

[ Directed by ] KIKUCHI Takeo

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]

[ Distributor (Japan) ]

Avex Digital

[ Production Studio ]

Avex Digital

[ Story ]

A mystery adapted from a novel by Minato Kanae which depicts the stories of a pair of parents and their children. In the director's chair is Kikuchi Takeo of Hello, Goodbye.
Mutsuko (Kanjiya Shihori) has been living on an island to which her grandmother and mother (Kimura Tae) have restricted her from leaving. To Mutsuko, the symbol of her freedom was Dreamland, an amusement park on the mainland, but she learns it will be closing permanently this year. Meanwhile, Wataru (Daito Shunsuke) returns to the island after nine years due to a job transfer. A pupil of his deceased father (Ogata Naoto) pays him a visit and tells him about a side of his father he did not know about.

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