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Missing You


(c)2007 "Missing You"Film Partners

(c)2007 "Missing You"Film Partners

(c)2007 "Missing You"Film Partners

(c)2007 "Missing You"Film Partners

(c)2007 "Missing You"Film Partners

(c)2007 "Missing You"Film Partners

Release Date
April, 14th, 2007
Running Time
99 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format
Sound Processing
Dolby Stereo

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Missing You Film Partners

[ Story ]

A story of high school students who expend their adolescence on a band, set on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa. The title, "Missing You" (Koishikute) is taken from a hit song by BEGIN, a musician from Ishigaki Island. Based on an original story inspired by an essay by BEGIN. Directed by Nakae Yuji of Nabbie's Love (Nabbie no Koi) and Hotel Hibiscus.
Kanako (Yamanoha Yoshimi) joins a high school where she is reunited with her childhood friend, Eijun (Aizato Shoto). Following the idea of Seiryo (Ishida Hoshi), Kanako's elder brother, they form a band. They aim to perform at the school festival, however, they are unable to get through the audition. The following year, they perform at a local music event, Yaeyama Band Tengoku, under a new band name of "Beginning" instead of "Seiryos". The band wins first place, qualifying to compete in the national event in Tokyo, but that night, Seiryo gets killed in an accident. In order to live out his dream to "make a record debut in Tokyo" , the band members go to the national event and perform the song Seiryo left behind, and they become the champions.

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Aoi Promotion Inc.
1-5-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8580
Rep: NAKAE Yasuhito
Attn: ASAOKA Naoto
tel: +81 3 3779 8000
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