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Chatlady no kiseki

Chat-lady no kiseki


(c) chatladynokiseki film partners

(c) chatladynokiseki film partners

(c) chatladynokiseki film partners

(c) chatladynokiseki film partners

Release Date
August, 18th, 2018
Running Time
79 min
Comedy , Romance , Feature
Screening Format

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[ Distributor (Japan) ]

PAL Entertainments Production

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[ Story ]

Using the concept of a live chat, Rail Truck and Chorura no Uta director Kawaguchi Hirofumi helms this love story depicting the encounter between a man and woman that transcends space and time. The heroine is played by idol Yoshikawa Tomo.
Mion (Yoshikawa Tomo) is a music school student who earns a living working part-time as a chat lady. One day she quarrels with a man who mistakenly logs in to the site under the username Canon. Immediately after Mion vents her anger at him, a splendid piano performance is heard over her computer.

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Tachi Corporation
4F, Omodaka Bldg., 1-9-7, Shibaura, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0023
Rep: TACHIBANA Takashi
tel: +81 50 5318 5267