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Shinkasen henkei robot SHINKALION Mirai kara kita shinsoku no ALFA-X

SHINKALION The Movie (working title)

新幹線変形ロボ シンカリオン 未来からきた神速のALFA-X

(c) PJ‐S,J/S,M

(c) PJ‐S,J/S,M

Release Date
December, 27th, 2019
Running Time
73 min
Screening Format

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[ Production Company ]

[ Distributor (Japan) ]

TOHO Visual Entertainment

[ Story ]

This is the first theatrical film of the popular television anime 'Shinkasen Henkei Robot SHINKALION'. It is directed by Ikezoe Takahiro and the screenplay is by Shimoyama Kento. The JR East Japan prototype train "Alfa-X" debuts as the new Shinkalion.
On one winter day in Hokkaido an unidentified enemy appears and a new battle begins for Team Shinkalion. Hayato's father Hokuto goes missing. A mysterious boy suddenly shows up, and the Alfa-X debuts. Team Shinklion are confronted with a new struggle that surpasses space and time.

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