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Maboroshi no Yamataikoku

Where the Legend Lives


(c)2008 WHERE THE LEGEND LIVES Production Committee

(c)2008 WHERE THE LEGEND LIVES Production Committee

(c)2008 WHERE THE LEGEND LIVES Production Committee

(c)2008 WHERE THE LEGEND LIVES Production Committee

Release Date
November, 1st, 2008
Running Time
118 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format

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WHERE THE LEGEND LIVES Production Committee

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The film portrays the love and bond between a real-life historian, Miyazaki Kohei, and his wife, Kazuko, in their life-long quest for the location of the ancient country of Yamataikoku, which is said to be the origin of Japan. Directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko of 20th Century Boys trilogy. Starring Yoshinaga Sayuri, the four-time winner of the Japan Academy Prize Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Award.
In 1956, Kazuko (Yoshinaga Sayuri) who works at a broadcasting station in Fukuoka meets Miyazaki Kohei (Takenaka Naoto), the president of the Shimabara Railway and a local historian. Feeling overwhelmed by Miyazaki who does not seem to be inhibited by his visual impairment, Kazuko agrees to train his bus conductresses. The bus business goes well, however, Kohei's disproportionate enthusiasm in archaeological excavation ends in his dismissal from the presidency. Kazuko attempts to leave Shimabara, but is persuaded by Kohei, who has two young children, to stay and live with him. While running the household, Kazuko reads aloud historical records for Kohei, such as Gishiwajinden (the oldest record mentioning Japan) and Nihonshoki (the second oldest book of classical Japanese history). She also helps Kohei, acting as his eyes and walking with him all over Kyushu, as his partner in the quest for Yamataikoku. Eight years later in 1967, their book is released as the summarization of their research. They continued to look for the grave of Himiko (shaman queen of Yamataikoku), and Kazuko remained as Kohei's support until he passed away in 1973.

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