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Release Date
February, 9th, 2002
Running Time
109 min
Screening Format

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[ Production Company ]

Fuji Television Network, TOHO, DENTSU, Johnny, PONY CANYON, Destiny, ENGINE NETWORK

[ Story ]

Seoul is the newest title from Nagasawa Masahiko, known as the producer of Iwai Shunji's films Undo, Love Letter, and Picnic, and who made his directorial debut with Koko ni irukoto.
Freshman cop, Hayase Yutaro (Nagase Tomoya), is in South Korea, as the police escort of an escaped Korean convict's flight home. Running through Seoul in a rush to catch his plane back to Tokyo, he is caught up in the robbery of a cash transport vehicle. Amidst the confusion, he manages to run down the criminals, but one man escapes. As the only person who has seen the escaped criminal's face, he is allowed a visa to stay in Korea for another 72 hours to identify the man. Working with Seoul City Police investigator Kim Yun-Chol (Choi Min-Su), who is in charge of this case, differences in language and customs hinder their communication. Meanwhile, they discover that a large-scale crime syndicate is involved. Finding out the perpetrator's real aim behind befuddling the investigation, the two men join forces and pursue the true culprits on their own. They learn to understand each other in the process of their chase and safely solve the case.

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