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Aoi Haru

Blue Spring


Release Date
June, 29th, 2002
Running Time
83 min
Screening Format

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[ Production Company ]

Micott, There's Enterprise, SHOGAKUKAN, KSS, NIKKATSU, Nippan

[ Story ]

The third feature film by Toyoda Toshiaki, who previously worked as scriptwriter and assistant director on Sakamoto Junji's Checkmate and Biliken. It is the first film adaptation of a book by popular manga-artist Matsumoto Taiyo.
Bored with school life and feeling suffocated, Kujo (Matsuda Ryuhei), his childhood buddy Aoki (Arai Hirofumi), and their friends have just entered the twelfth grade. They take part in the "balcony game", in which they hold the outside guard railing of the roof on the graduation ceremony building, let go, and see how many times they can clap their hands. The winner of the game traditionally gets to rule the school, and Kujo sets a new record of eight claps. To him, however, both this game and the ruling of the school is meaningless and bothersome. Annoyed by Kujo's wavering attitude, Aoki suddenly changes his hairstyle and behavior. One morning, Aoki is standing on the roof of the school building. He starts playing the balcony game on his own. Driven by an ominous premonition, Kujo runs up to the roof. The instant he opens the door to the roof, Aoki lets go of the railing. When his count reaches thirteen, Aoki hits the ground.

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