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Momo matsuri presents kiss! / 桃まつり presents kiss!

Touch Me

Touch Me

タッチ ミー

Release Date
March, 14th, 2009
Running Time
38 min
Drama , Feature , Series
Screening Format
Screen Size
SD (4:3)

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momo matsuri

[ Story ]

This piece was submitted to the Momo Matsuri Presents Kiss! short film project that highlights up-and-coming female directors, created by the Momo Matsuri film screening group. This film depicts the spirit of absolution and reconciliation through the troubles of the heroine, who is left blind by an accident. The director is Yamada Saki, whose films include Anna no Monogatori (*Anna's Story). On the same day she passes an audition, ballet dancer Kaori (KaoRi) loses her sight in a car accident caused by her husband. A rift grows between the two of them as he escapes from the accident uninjured. Following their divorce, she begins to earn a living as a typist, but in the company where she is working she encounters a young man who is being subjected to terrible bullying.

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