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Rokuju sai no love letter

Dear My Love


(c) 2009 Dear My Love Film Partners

(c) 2009 Dear My Love Film Partners

(c) 2009 Dear My Love Film Partners

(c) 2009 Dear My Love Film Partners

Release Date
May, 16th, 2009
Running Time
128 min
Drama , Romance , Feature
Screening Format
Screen Size
American Vista (1:1.85)
Sound Processing
Dolby Digital

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A romance story for grown ups, this film was created from a public participation-style project having married old couples write down on postcards words of gratitude to each other which they are too shy to share out loud. The film depicts the lasting bond between three different types of married couples while showing the hardships and pains of life. Kohei (Nakamura Masatoshi), who retired from a major construction company, and Chihiro (Harada Mieko), who has dedicatedly supported her family as a housewife, decide to get a divorce. An ambitious man, Kohei starts a construction office together with his mistress as Chihiro, now with more free time on her hands, starts working as a housekeeper. They start going their separate ways.

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