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Chinmoku wo yaburu

Breaking the Silence


(c)2009 DOI Toshikuni/SIGLO

(c)2009 DOI Toshikuni/SIGLO

(c)2009 DOI Toshikuni/SIGLO

(c)2009 DOI Toshikuni/SIGLO

Release Date
May, 2nd, 2009
Running Time
130 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
SD (4:3)

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In the spring of 2002, the Balata refugee camp was surrounded and attacked by the Israeli army. Director Doi Toshikuni, who has reported on the Palestine-Israel conflict as a journalist for the last 20 years, provides a graphic portrait of the lives and emotions of the people who had to live within this fearful situation. He depicts the harsh reality of the occupation that created a hopeless situation for the Jenin refugees being killed by the Israeli army onslaught. As Doi also records the voices of former Israeli officers and soldiers of the group, 'Breaking the Silence' vividly shows the sense of fear experienced by soldiers who become morally and ethically paralyzed during their military service. Furthermore, the testimonies of these former soliders and the confusion and opposition of their families exposes the deep shadow that the occupation has cast over Israeli society.

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