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Wakiyaku monogatari

Cast Me If You Can


(c)2010 Dream On Productions

(c)2010 Dream On Productions

(c)2010 Dream On Productions

(c)2010 Dream On Productions

Release Date
October, 23rd, 2010
Running Time
97 min
Comedy , Romance , Feature
Screening Format
Screen Size
American Vista (1:1.85)
Sound Processing
Dolby SR

[ Directed by ]

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]

Dream On Productions

[ Distributor (Japan) ]

Tokyo Theatres

[ Story ]

Having worked mainly in the United States and Europe, director Atsushi Ogata brings us a humorous and romantic ode to life. This film tells the story of Hiroshi (Masuoka Toru), a perpetual supporting actor, who is constantly mistaken for someone else. Marginalized both at work and at home, Hiroshi lives in the shadow of his famous playwright father, until one day luck changes. A shot at love and success comes knocking at his door. Hiroshi meets his muse and struggles to court her, while also trying to land the lead role of his dreams in a Woody Allen remake. In the process, Hiroshi learns what is truly important in life.

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[ Premiere ]

World Premiere: Shanghai International Film Festival 2010

[ Contact (International) ]

Dream On Productions LLC
#308, Shirogane East, 5-10-17 Shirogane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072
Attn: MIYAGAWA Eriko