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Gachinko Kenka joto

Gachinko Kenka joto

ガチンコ 喧嘩上等

(c)2010 Happinet / Jolly Roger

(c)2010 Happinet / Jolly Roger

Release Date
March, 13th, 2010
Running Time
86 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format

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Happinet, jolly roger

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[ Story ]

This violent action film comes from the director-screenwriter combination that brought you the Hashiriya ZERO (Street Racer ZERO) series. Watch young, handsome actors engage in intense fights and realistic stunt driving. West Asuka High School has a gang leader for each school year: Jiro (Watanabe Daisuke), the third-year leader, finds himself in confrontation with second-year leader Atsushi (Kumai Kohei) and first-year leader Takagi (Kawada Yu). Meanwhile, the former boss of East Asuka High School, Saeki (Kubota Yuki), transfers, starting an epic gang battle.

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