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Gachinko Shisso joto

Gachinko Shisso joto

ガチンコ 疾走上等

(c)2010 Happinet / Jolly Roger

(c)2010 Happinet / Jolly Roger

Release Date
March, 20th, 2010
Running Time
87 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format

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Happinet, jolly roger

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[ Story ]

Set in a run-down high school, this film is the second installment in the action series that follows the coming-of-age of youths who pass the time with street racing and factional infighting. The fight scenes and drift racing scenes are even more intense than those of the first film. Rofu High School is divided between three rival gangs. While Toshi (Nagayama Takashi) is known as the leader of the weakest faction of the bunch, he is actually a skilled street racer as well. In order to defend his friends and preserve their friendship, he takes on two rival gangs in a final showdown.

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