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Mada ningen

Still Human Beings


(c)Mada Ninngen Film Partners

(c)Mada Ninngen Film Partners

(c)Mada Ninngen Film Partners

(c)Mada Ninngen Film Partners

Release Date
May, 26th, 2012
Running Time
132 min
Screening Format

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Mada Ninngen Film Partners

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[ Story ]

The debut film of director Matsumoto Junpei, a Tokyo University graduate who was only 26 years old when it was shot. It evokes the frustrations of young people living in the inner city through the anguish of a money-obsessed elite businessman, a woman bereaved of her lover, and a young gay man who clings to Jesus. Tatsuya (Tsujioka Masato), an employee of a major corporation, has an insatiable appetite for money. He traces the footsteps of a man who was killed with a sum of dirty money in his possession, and eventually meets the man's former lover Ruka (Honoka) who agrees to help him. The two of them begin a search for the killer and the money, which leads Tatsuya to a reunion with his school junior Ryo (Ueyama Manabu)...

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