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Gedo Senki



(c) 2006 Studio Ghibli - NDHDMT

(c) 2006 Studio Ghibli - NDHDMT

(c) 2006 Studio Ghibli - NDHDMT

(c) 2006 Studio Ghibli - NDHDMT

Release Date
July, 29th, 2006
Running Time
115 min
Screening Format

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Studio Ghibli

[ Story ]

Studio Ghibli, the animation studio that produced My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro) and Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), has created a theatrical adaptation of one of the world's renowned fantasies, the 'Earthsea' series. This is the first feature animated film directed by Miyazaki Goro, the eldest son of Miyazaki Hayao. The director co-wrote the screenplay mainly based on the 3rd volume, which also includes elements from the whole series, where essence of matter is questioned through a journey made by a boy and a great wizard.
The story takes place in Earthsea that consists of a sea and many islands. Dragons that do not usually show themselves to people, start appearing out of the blue. Adversities start to happen one after the other - farmers abandon their fields, craftsmen forget their skills, among others. In order to save the world from crisis, the Archmage Ged sets off on a journey to find out the origin for the disturbance in the balance of the world. On his way, Ged meets Arren, a prince who has abandoned his country. The two continue with the journey side by side, and confront their enemy.

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Venice International Film Festival 2006

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Studio Ghibli Inc.
International Division

1-4-25 Kajinocho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-0002