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Chosyu Five

chosyu five


(c)"chosyu five"Production Committee

(c)"chosyu five"Production Committee

(c)"chosyu five"Production Committee

(c)"chosyu five"Production Committee

(c)"chosyu five"Production Committee

(c)"chosyu five"Production Committee

Release Date
February, 10th, 2007
Running Time
119 min
Historical , Feature , Feature
Screening Format
Sound Processing

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Chosyu Five Production Committee

[ Story ]

A Grand Prix winner at the Houston International Film Festival in 2007. Directed by Igarashi Takumi of One Step on a Mine, It's All Over (Jirai wo Fundara Sayonara). A historical drama depicting the fate of five samurai from the Chosyu domain, namely, Ito Hirobumi, Inoue Kaoru, Inoue Masaru, Endo Kinsuke and Yamao Yozo. These men successfully stowed away on a ship to England from Japan towards the end of the shogunate period after the arrival of Commodore Perry. Upon return, they significantly influenced the dawn of modern Japan.
Despite risking death penalty for violating the national ban on travel overseas, the passion of the samurai wanting to go to England was recognized by the Domain lord, Mori Takachika, who turned a blind eye to their plan. The five samurai successfully set sail by abandoning their swords, cutting off their traditionally styled hair, and pretending to be sailors. When they finally arrived in England, they saw a modern state with steam engines. As they learned more about the progress of the country, they became more concerned for Japan. The five studied and experienced industrial technologies before returning to Japan, where they built the foundation for modern Japan.

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