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Kompeki no sora toku

Goodbye to Glory


Release Date
April, 1st, 1960
Running Time
98 min
Screening Format

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This is the story of a group of Naval Cadets, a segment of the Japanese Air Force that went down in flaming but futile glory during the Pacific War, and one member of the group who lived to see the return of peace from a cell in Fuchu Prison.
Paroled after serving ten years for manslaughter, Sadasuke Saiga is met by Take lshiwatari, who, during the war had offered her home as a club house for the sixteen youths who comprised the 11th Squad of the Naval A Class Air Cadets stationed at Tsuchiura.
The youths spurred on by words of encouragement and stinging blows from their officers, heightened by continued discouraging reports of military defeats, complete their training.
The day comes when they are ordered to report to various units for active service and one-by-one leave their happy days at Tsuchiura behind.
Soon, only two, Saiga and Yamakawa, are left at the training base.
On August 15th, Saiga hears of Japan's surrender over the radio. But the officers are determined to fight to the finish.
"Japan has surrendered. Does that mean we do not have to die?" Saiga exclaimed, and an officer, infuriated by his remark, slashes him with his sword.
Yamakawa, obedient to his superior's command, takes off to carry out his tryst with death.
And years later Saiga returns to Tsuchiura with Take after praying for the repose of his fallen comrades at Yasukuni Shrine.
Settled once more at the former club house, Take hands him a button with the cherry insignia taken from one of the cadet's uniform.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1960 3.3】

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