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Saigo no kirifuda

The Grave Tells All


Release Date
September, 20th, 1960
Running Time
93 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Tateno, who operates a drug store also introduces talent to radio and TV stations, handles black-market dollars and supplies waitresses to restaurants.
One day, he sees a member of a pseudo religion buying pistols from a Korean. Masquerading as a newspaper reporter Tateno asks a leader of the pseudo religion for money in exchange for his service in killing the news.
Tateno is a libertine and is intimate with a TV star and a singer. He also takes a foolish country girl to a hot-spring resort and sells her to the owner of a restaurant.
Still greedy for easy money and having heard that one of the followers of another religion has been killed by one of its members, he plans to dig up the grave of the victim and make a murder case out of it.
With the help of two hooligans, he digs up the grave, but they find nothing.
His helpers ask him to pay them thirty-thousand yen but he refuses, and as he tries to run away from them, the two beat him to death, then carry him to the graveyard and bury him in the empty casket they had unearthed.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1961 4.1】

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