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Our Happiness Alone



Nijuissai no chichi

Release Date : March, 29th, 1964
Running Time : 98 min
Genre : Feature

Color : -
Screening Format : -
Screen Size : -
Sound Processing : -

[ Directed by ] NAKAMURA Noboru

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]


[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Story ]

Mototsugu is the younger son of Akira Sakawa, a director of an advertising agency whose mother, Nobuko, is ill with cancer of the liver. His elder brother, Ichiro, works at the Bank of Japan whose wife, Masuko, is from a very high-class family. Mototsugu becomes disgusted with such strait-laced living and leaves home to marry Yoshiko, a blind masseuse, and they live in a small apartment near a pinball parlor where he works.
His best friend, Akio, attends Azabu University with him and both also work as TV extras.
To help Mototsugu, his invalid mother suggests buying a pinball parlor for him. However, this plan is objected to by Ichiro and his wife. Instead, Mototsugu and Yoshiko move in to help his mother with the understanding that they will leave when she dies. Yoshiko becomes pregnant and before spring Mototsugu's mother passes away and the couple move back to their apartment.
While Sakawa is on a business trip to Kyoto, he receives a telegram from Mototsugu announcing that a baby girl was born. But this happy event is short-lived, for one day Yoshiko is crossing the street with the baby in her arms when they are hit by a truck and both killed. That night Mototsugu commits suicide and follows his wife and child to the next world; Now Sakawa realizes for the first time how much his son loved his blind wife.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1964 7.3】

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