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Onna no issho

Une Vie


Release Date
November, 11th, 1967
Running Time
118 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

A new version of the popular Maupassant novel, this picture is about Nobuko, the beautiful daughter of an old Japanese family. Losing all of their money in the war, the family has to live on a much reduced scale and for this reason Nobuko marries young Munekazu.
Their marriage is not a happy one and the final insult is when Otami, the maid who has been like a sister to Nobuko, is found pregnant by Munekazu. The shock and disappointment of this change Nobuko's character and she becomes cold, secretive, strict.
One day her faithless husband is killed and she is left with her young son, Norikazu. He, too, however, turns out badly and leaves home. Then, two decades later, Nobuko again meets Otami whose son by the dead Munekazu has turned out very well. The two women continue to see each other and, one day they learn that Norikazu's girl is dying after having given birth to his son.
Though Nobuko hates the girl, Otami persuades her to visit the hospital. The girl dies and Nobuko brings home her infant boy. Now it seems that, with this new child, peace will at last become a part of Nobuko's life.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1968 11.1】

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