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Black Lizard


Release Date
August, 14th, 1968
Running Time
86 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

The Black Lizard (Akihiro Maruyama) is the name given a very skillful and dangerous female jewel thief, about whom everyone knows, but none can capture. She meets her equal, however, when famed detective Akechi (Isao Kimura) gets on her trail.
A diamond of unusual size and worth is known as the Star of Egypt. In order to obtain it, she kidnaps Sanae (Kikko Matsuoka), the daughter of the jewel-merchant in charge of the stone, but Akechi releases the girl.
Discouraged the Black Lizard now tries a more successful ploy. She kidnaps the girl again and offers to return her only if she is given the diamond. The distraught merchant hands over the stone but the thief refuses to return the girl. Attracted by the young hostage's youthful charms, she intends to add her to her collection of living statues which she maintains in her island hideaway. Akechi makes a final try but is, to all intents, killed.
Killing him hurts Black Lizard who has begun to feel affection for him. She confides her emotions to a faithful old retainer, Matsu (Isao Kimura, double role), then sets off for the island. She learns, first, that the supposed Sanae is really a double, cleverly substituted and, second, that the faithful Matsu is none other than Akechi in disguise.
Cornered, the Black Lizard takes poison and dies in the arms of the detective. Though admitting defeat, she is also happy that he is still alive. He, however, is left alone, his victory empty - for he too had come to love the beautiful Black Lizard.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1968 11.4】

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