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Hana to namida to honoo

The Performers


Release Date
January, 15th, 1970
Running Time
94 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Seijuro Fujihana (Shogo Shimada), head master of the Fujihana dance school, is a proud and lonely artist. And because of his character, his group lacks the prosperity of others. He wishes his daughter Kasumi (Hibari Misora), gifted like himself, to take over and develop the Fujihana, but she wishes to marry Hiroshi (Yoichi Hayashi), head of a jazz band which her father opposes.
Kisaburo (Yataro Kitagami), Seijuro's No.1 disciple, wants to marry Kasumi and take over the Fujihana with the backing of the chairman of the supporters' association.
Kasumi is shocked when Hiroshi proposes to end their affair. She drowns her sorrow in drink and asks a strolling singer Ryusuke (Shinichi Mori) to sing for her when gangsters arrive and beat him up, claiming it is their territory. But Ryusuke is happy as long as he can sing and Kasumi takes him to her music teacher for lessons.
Kasumi now performs in a night club against her father's wish and Ryusuke sings in the show, which is highly successful.
As Ryusuke becomes popular, magazines write gossip about him and Kasumi. Seijuro orders her not to see him.
Kisaburo who learns that he cannot marry Kasumi makes a new group of the Fujihana. Shocked by his action, Seijuro falls ill. Seijuro now apologizes to Kasumi that he asked Hiroshi to break with her.
Realizing that Ryusuke should be independent, she decides to stop her support.
She stakes everything on her forthcoming recital, but money bothers Kasumi as she can find only half of that required.
Hiroshi proposes again but she is still determined to live for the Fujihana. Hiroshi offers 5 million yen for her recital. He explains that Ryusuke sold himself to an agent and got the contract money for her sake.
On her recital day, Ryusuke watches TV as she performs a splendid dance on the theme of a crane.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1970 13.2】

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