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Naikai no wa

Shadow of Deception


Release Date
February, 10th, 1971
Running Time
104 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Five years ago Minako (Shima Iwashita) spent a night with Sozo (Akira Nakao), younger brother of her ex-husband who was to be divorced because of a secret love affair. Now she lives with a rich old man (Rentaro Mikuni) who owns a dry-goods store. But he is no longer capable as a man, though he loves his young wife. For this reason Minako goes to Tokyo on business every three months to meet Sozo who has married the daughter of his teacher. Sozo is studying archaeology and hopes to become an assistant professor.
Minako exists to be with Sozo and they have a chance to meet together at a seaside town near her home. So deceiving her husband, she can spend time with her lover. But the aged housemaid who is jealous of her young mistress knows of their adultery, and at Osaka airport when Minako sees Sozo off for Tokyo, they meet a reporter who is Sozo's old friend and a native of Minako's town. Minako is determined to continue their affair, but Sozo is attached to earthly success and intends to rid himself of this trouble by killing her. Is she aware of it? And does she still love a man who is planning her death?

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.2】

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