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Kuro no shamen

Man on a False Flight


Release Date
August, 25th, 1971
Running Time
92 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Takashi (Go Kato), a clerk in a trading company, has an aggressive wife named Keiko (Shima Iwashita), also a girlfriend, Taeko (Etsuko Ichihara), he intends to leave believing she will stand in his way for promotion.
Takashi is ordered to go to Osaka with a huge sum of his company's money and boss tells him that if he succeeds in the transaction, he will be promoted.
He goes to Haneda Airport to catch the last flight and meet Taeko. When she asks him to spend one last night with her, he transfers his ticket to a young man and goes to her room with the money. But the plane he was to board crashes into the sea and he is reported killed with all on board.
He attempts to hurry to his company but Taeko, believing this is the best chance to start a new life with him, urges him to flee with her and the money.
Keiko, Takashi's wife, learns that her husband's body has not been found and meets a girl who insists that her boyfriend boarded the plane in place of Takashi. Then Keiko finds the receipt for a ring which she senses
Takashi had given to another woman and comes to doubt that her husband is dead. Learning that Takashi has had an affair with Taeko, Keiko finds Taeko's apartment and her husband, alive, together with the girl. Takashi spends painful day in Taeko's room. Then just before starting on a trip with her, sees an advertisement in the papers that his wife will forgive him and is awaiting his return. He hastens to phone her and is told that his boss will not reprimand him either, if he returns the money. Takashi decides to go home and bids farewell to Taeko.
He stands at the entrance of his apartment, but finds only empty rooms. Only his photo edged in black has been left behind

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.4】

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