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Saraba okite

Law of the Outlaw


Release Date
September, 15th, 1971
Running Time
89 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Goro (Tetsuya Watari) works at a florist snackbar who rescues a girl, Kyoko (Fan Wen- Chiao), who attempts to kill herself in a motorboat after taking sleeping pills.
When he takes flowers to Kyoko's home he learns she is engaged to Nakazawa (Takashi Fujiki), son of a company president. Kyoko reprimands Goro for saving her life and he returns to his shop. Later she comes there but hoodlums rush in and take her away but, Goro appears and rescues her. They fall in love, feeling something in common. Meanwhile, the gangsters tell their boss, Owada (Akiyoshi Fukae), of Goro's whereabouts. Goro was once one of their leading members, had a relationship with the boss girl who was killed by the boss who was injured by Goro. After release from jail Goro had been hiding at the snackbar.
Miyamoto (Shinsuke Ashida), commits his daughter to a mental hospital but Goro rescues her and they run away. The gangsters send Misugi, to kill Goro, but he advises him to run away. Meanwhile, Rika (Shima Iwashita), the proprietress of the snackbar arranges for Goro and Kyoko to flee to Hong Kong. They hide in Yokohama to await a ship. Meanwhile, Owada, the boss, tells Kyoko's father that he will find her for ten million yen. Kyoko flees but Goro is captured and tortured.
The gangsters take Goro to a park, Kyoko appears, and Goro is released. The next moment, the gangsters shoot at Goro, crying. 'This is the law of the outlaw!". Misugi (Yoshiro Aoki), still feeling friendly toward Goro, tries to rescue him but is shot and Goro is killed when he rushes back to his friend.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1971 14.4】

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