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Kawaii akujo Koroshino maeni kuchizuke o

My Darling Witch: A Kiss Before Death

可愛い悪女 殺しの前に口づけを

Release Date
February, 23rd, 1972
Running Time
86 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Lill "Darling Witch" (Fan Wen-Chiao) is a young and beautiful singer. To save her friend Hanae from the forced marriage proposed by a management consultant, she goes to his apartment for pictures of love-making with herself. Next morning the consultant is found dead - strangled and the police suspect she is the killer. Detective Hata (Kohji Moritsugu), is after her, despite his personal affection, and her musician friends, the Five Mates, try to help her get away.
Lill's sympathizer is a private detective named Numano (Yasunori Irikawa) who tells her the victim had embezzled a confidential document on anti-cancer medicine exploited by Dr. Shimizu, Hanae's father and asks Lill to find the document for him. Meanwhile, Dr. Shimizu gives himself up to release Lill from suspicion. He went to the consultant's apartment to buy back the document, was refused and hit the man with a statue. But the victim was strangled, so Dr. Shimizu is innocent. Then a series of murders occur.
Lill is convinced the document is hidden in the pendulum of the consultant's clock. But a band of gangsters have already stolen the clock, not knowing that Detective Hata is hiding in their truck.
From snow-covered Mt. Kashima Lill receives Hata's call and hurries there. They steal into the lodge, find the document in the pendulum as expected but are caught and tied up. Then Numano appears and, to her surprise, he is the boss of the gang responsible for the series of murders.
Hata escapes from the lodge on ski. The gangsters are in hot pursuit. Then the Five Mates arrive to their rescue and a fierce struggle ensues. But Hata overcomes the gangsters to win promotion and, a passionate kiss from Lill.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972 15.2】

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