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Home from the Sea


Release Date
October, 28th, 1972
Running Time
96 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Innumerable small islands dot the Inland Sea and on one live a married couple, Seiichi (Hisashi Igawa) and his wife Tamiko (Chieko Baisho) with Seiichi 's father (Chishu Ryu) and their two little children. They earn their living by carrying rock on a small boat. Though poor, Seiichi is deeply attached to his job. The trouble is, he wants a new boat so he can earn more. But the villagers insist it is foolish to stick to such a wretched job.
Meanwhile Kenji (Gin Maeda), Seiichi's younger brother, suggests to Tamiko that her husband ought to work in a factory.
A few days later, a typhoon strikes the couple while they are at sea. An old ship is dangerous in the angry sea, but despite everyone's anxiety, the couple return safely.
Seiichi attempts to have his boat repaired, but finds it too expensive. They go to a dockyard situated on the mainland. The huge enterprise offers security and excellent working conditions, nevertheless Seiichi remains reluctant.
Eventually they decide to move to the mainland and work at the dockyard. On the day of their last voyage home, the sea reflecting the orange sunset seems especially beautiful.
The day comes for the couple to leave the island and Seiichi and Tamiko watch, through tear-filled eyes, the sight of the place and people they have always loved growing smaller in the distance.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972 15.3】

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