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Otokowa tsuraiyo -Torajiro yume makura-

Tora-san's Dream-Come-True


Release Date
December, 29th, 1972
Running Time
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There is time even for Tora, a happy-go-lucky rover, a drummer by trade, to feel melancholy. Conversing with a lady in a rural community, he begins to feel homesick and wants to return to his uncle, aunt and sister, gentle people who live in his home town of Shibamata, near a famous temple.
When Tora arrives home, he finds his room piled high with books belonging to a university professor named Okakura, nephew of the temple priest. The lodger's snobbishness somewhat provokes Tora, but his resultant bad mood is improved by the appearance of Chiyo, a beautiful woman he knew as a child. A divorcee, she now runs the local beauty parlor.
Tora visits the beauty parlor every day and all think he must be a nuisance to the beautiful spinster. But on the contrary, she welcomes him and sometimes even calls on him.
In the meantime, Professor Okakura falls in love with Chiyo. Whenever he hears her voice during her visits to Tora's house, he jumps up and runs down the stairs. What's more, Tora, who notices the change, makes fun of him·· imitating her voice and teasing him. Okakura is desperate in wanting to win her love, even though it might mean he will lose his chance to study in the United States. Eventually he falls ill ·· lovesick.
For Chiyo, however, days are not always happy: her divorce has caused her to become disenchanted. But the kindness of Tora and those around him help mend the bruise on her heart.
The lovesick professor calls Tora to his bedside and solicits his service as a messenger of love. Unable to refuse, Tora tries to explain to Chiyo how deeply the professor loves her and arranges a date between the two. But since he fails to mention the professor's name, she takes it as a proposal from Tora himself. To his surprise, she accepts. He has a hard time correcting the misunderstanding. He feels awkward later, regrets he couldn't see she loves him! But it's all over.
The professor leaves for America with a broken heart. Tora once again takes to the road, alone against the north wind. A new year comes to the quiet town of Shibamata. The people there talk about him as they read his New Year card.

【OSF 1973】

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