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Suna no utsuwa

Castle of Sand


Release Date
October, 19th, 1974
Running Time
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A man of about 60 is found murdered in the yard of a railway station in Tokyo. Two detectives are assigned: Imanishi and Yoshimura. The victim is Miki, a retired policeman in Shimane Prefecture near the Japan Sea.
Miki had been a model policeman for 20 years, kind and well liked by everyone. His former acquaintances are questioned but no motive for Miki's murder is discovered. Despite the detectives' efforts, it seems almost impossible to solve the murder.
Imanishi continues his investigation and finally at a movie house in a local town he finds an important clue. When he returns to Tokyo, a lengthy report from Shimane Prefecture has arrived. It tells of how Miki befriended a father and son who had been beggars there. Although almost unbelievable, the threads seem to lead to a rising composer, Eiryo Waga - he was the son who had been wandering as a beggar with his leprous father. In order to hide his unhappy, miserable boyhood, Waga had faked his family register. Miki, who had known about his secret, had been a most undesirable person to the composer. Waga had killed Miki to cover up his past.
The day of Eiryo Waga's concert arrives. His newly completed symphony, "Destiny," is being introduced. (It is played by a full orchestra with Eiryo Waga as the solo pianist and conductor.)
As the concert reaches its climax and ends with thunderous applause, detectives Imanishi and Yoshimura are standing in the wings with a warrant for the composer.

【JF 1975】

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