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Sasayaku shibijin

Whispering Dead Beauty


Release Date
June, 23rd, 1963
Running Time
83 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Fujiko Niwa, a nurse, is in love with Dr. Suga, but fear clutches her heart when she overhears that Reiko, the Director's daughter, is coming to the hospital to see the man she hopes to marry.
When Dr. Kawada asks the young doctor if he will marry Reiko, his only child, and he is told that the hospital will be his together with a leisurely honeymoon in Europe, he finds the offer irresistible.
But when Fujiko tells him that she is with his child, Suga is shocked, for a baby would ruin all his chances and he tells her to get rid of it. Resolved to tell Dr. Kawada everything, she begins to climb the back stairs, Suga overtakes her and in the tussle, Fujiko slips and falls, loses her child and becomes permanently lame.
After giving Fujiko a sedative, Suga carries her down the emergency stairs and dumps her into an unused pool at the back of the hospital.
The police presume she committed suicide. Dr. Suga goes on his honeymoon, but back at the hospital, he is tortured by conscience and sees Fujiko everywhere.
He becomes a close-lipped, suspicious man, doubting his own wife, and his unfounded suspicions make him push Reiko down the very steps where Fujiko had fallen. During the operation on his wife, he looks up suddenly and meets Fujiko's eyes gazing at him steadily above her mask! It is no hallucination! She is alive! He had killed her! Why? Why is she alive?

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1963 6.4】

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