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Zoku Hiroku onnaro

Women’s Cell


Release Date
November, 16th, 1968
Running Time
84 min
Screening Format
-,Digital BETACAM
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Conditions in the famous Denmacho Prison in old Edo were notorious. It was called a veritable hell on earth - it was warden against criminal, prisoner against prisoner, and torture for all.
In the women's cell there were many different kinds of girls: Okuma (Sanae Nakahara), the boss; Onami (Michiyo Yasuda), a brave woman, Oen (Machika Hasegawa), a gambler's mistress, Otama (Mayumi Katsuyama), who liked men, and Oseki (Kayo Mikimoto), whose boyfriend had been stolen from her by Otama.
There is a plot afoot for Oen to escape. After various bribes, she is disguised to look like a feeble-minded girl up for parole. The real girl is casually murdered.
The trick works but Onami is suspicious. So she engineers a jailbreak to bring the wicked warden (Mutsuhiro Toura) to justice. Otama, however, tells the warden and Onami is cruelly punished - and Otama is murdered by Oseki. When the warden comes to examine the body of Otama, all the girls attack him, and are about to escape when the magistrates appear. The warden is executed and Oen is exiled, while Onami, is sent to a distant island.

【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1969.12.1】

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