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Kenjyu buraicho Nukiuchi no Ryu

Ryuji, the Gun Slinger

拳銃無頼帖 抜き射ちの竜

Release Date
February, 14th, 1960
Running Time
86 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

When Ryuji - the Gun Slinger, a drug addict leaves hospital to which he was taken after a gunfight by a notorious killer named Gin of Colt, he is employed as a bodyguard by Yo Sangen, chief of a narcotics smuggling ring.
Later Yo breaks with the Hori group, with which he has been dealing, takes Ryuji and Gin into his group and supplies them with woman and money.
Another victim of drugs is Keikichi Mishima, once a boxing hope whom Ryuji finds with Fusae, the woman Yo had given him.
Love and shame come to Ryuji when he meets Midori, a sweet and pure orphan girl whom he rescues from the clutches of Yo after the drug boss has killed Fusae and Keikichi.
Angered by the killing of Fusae and Keikichi, Ryuji breaks with Yo who then orders his henchman, Cho, to eliminate him.
Midori's brother who has been working for the group is now found to be a policeman. In the showdown Gin challenges Ryuji to a gun duel but both fire in the air.
After Ryuji shots Yo, he is arrested; but Midori is there and vows to wait for him till he is released from prison.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1960.3.3】

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