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Sabita kusari

The Rusted Chain


Release Date
November, 12th, 1960
Running Time
95 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

Kenichi Nagaoka, an intellectual type, and his brother Eiji, practical and active, have lost their father who died after Kenichi lost a 20-million-yen promissory note signed by the Nagaoka stevedoring company.
A money-lender named Mizuhara who holds the twenty-million-yen note takes over the management of the company which operates in the port of Yokohama. Mizuhara's management causes the death of one of the men, but when Kenichi and Eiji try to reform operations they find it impossible unless they can raise twenty-million-yen so as to oust Mizuhara.
Kenichi seeks the aid of Masao, owner of a cabaret, and once his father's mistress, but she refuses to raise the money. However, during the conversation, he learns that his younger brother, Eiji, is her son.
Then Kenichi tries to raise the money by proposing marriage to Mie, whose father is very wealthy. However, it turns out that she and Eiji are in love.
It is Eiji who discovers that the twenty-million-yen note was taken by the Matsui gang, another group of stevedores, with the object of monopolizing the stevedore business in Yokohama, and that they were responsible for the death of his father.
But when Eiji and his loyal stevedores crush the Matsui gang, peace returns to the Yokohama waterfront.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1961.4.1】

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