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Senso to ningen Daiichibu

Men and War

戦争と人間 第一部「運命の序曲」

Release Date
August, 14th, 1970
Running Time
197 min
Screening Format
Screen Size
Cinema Scope (1:2.35)

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[ Story ]

In 1928, Godai Zaibatsu and friends are assembled for a farewell party YOsuke Godai (Osamu Takizawa) is holding for Eisuke (Etsushi T akahashi), his eldest son , who is leaving for America. The other members of the immediate family are Kyosuke (Shinsuke Ashida), a brother, YOsuke's daughter, Yukiko (Ruriko Asaoka) , and Shunsuke (Kankuro Nakamura), the baby of the family, who is in high school.
Major Sagawa (Yoshio Aoki) and Lieutenant T suge (Hideki T akahashi) of the General Staff Office are guests. Kyosuke and Eisuke believe in taking a firm stand in Manchuria. Kyosuke , has opened an express company there and is pulling wires behind the scenes to expand his various projects. Yukiko is wildly in love with Yatsugi (Hideaki Nitani) who gently repulses her advances. On the
rebound, her interest is caught by Lt. Tsuge who has his own ideas on Manchuria and is not a blind, type of soldier.
Not long afterwards , Chang Hsueh-liang joins forces with Chiang Kai-shek against Japan. On September 18, 1931 , the Liutiaokow Incident escalates to the Manchurian Incident. Shimegi (Takao Ito) arrested in Tokyo as a communist, dies in action. Shunsuke Godai grieves for him and anger towards his family bent on amassing another fortune as mer- chants of death begins to rage in his heart.
In 1932, the hostilities spread to Shanghai and the Kanazawa Regiment receives its marching orders. Yukiko visits Lt. Tsuge the day before he sails for the front. Now the dark clouds gather momentum and the fates of Tsuge, Yukiko and countless others are caught in an inexorable maelstorm.

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1970.13.4】

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