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Zatoichi royaburi

The Blind Swordsman's Rescue


Release Date
August, 12th, 1967
Running Time
96 min
Screening Format

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[ Story ]

Another in the popular series about the blind masseur, Zatoichi, this one has him involved with both the local government and gangsters. The latter are extorting money from the peasants, and the government does nothing about it, since it is getting its share of the take. At first Zatoichi does not realize this and is taken in by Asagoro, one of the gangsters who seems to be a very decent man. When Asagoro becomes head of the group, however, he becomes obsessed with power Zatoichi sees him as he truly is, cruel and rapacious. Not only does he extort money from the peasants, he also arrests and decides to execute an ex-samurai who has been helping them by teaching them to read and write, and the elements of self-government. There is nothing for Zatoichi to do but help the oppressed and get rid of the powerful Asagoro.This he does in a final sword fight before taking to the road again.

【Quoted from the database of Kadokawa Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1963.10.4】

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