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Danchizuma Hirusagari no joji

From Three to Sex

団地妻 昼下がりの情事

Release Date
November, 20th, 1971
Running Time
64 min
Screening Format
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[ Story ]

Ritsuko (Kazuko Shirai) is a typical sexual malcontent among countless middle-class housewives living in modern apartment- house complexes.
As Ritsuko wearily kisses her white-collar husband goodbye, Ryohei (Tatsuya Hama- guchi) morning after morning , her snoopy, " semi-widowed" counterpart, Yoko (Maki
Nanjo) resolves countless plans to prey on her as another victim of her shady, part-time job for luxury and sexual joy-a call-girl racket. For her own husband is often away
Ritsuko finds herself being drawn into
Yoko's spider web. After enjoying an onanistic vibrator lent by Yoko, Ritsuko dates her husband's more masculine friend, lchiro (Sumikata Sekido), in answer to his surprise
phone invitation.
Spying on the date, Yoko blackmails
Ritsuko into her racket, and eventually sends her to a hotel room where she is offered to a Western buyer named Mike.
Her unsuspecting husband has tried to win a big business deal from Mike for his firm by asking lchiro, equally ignorant of her fall, to arrange for that free overnight "dame " service for him.
Visiting the hotel the next morning to see Mike , Ryohei , accompanied by his colleague , gets the shock of his life to find his wife the very "dame". Ritsuko is no less horrified.
Ryohei breaks with Ritsuko and the hysteri- cal Ritsuko eventually kills Yoko. Now a murderess and a female sex beast, she st rays off toward lchiro 's flat almost
unconsciously. Death is her only way of escape .

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972.15.1】

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