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Love Hunter Atsui hada

Burning Skin

ラブハンター 熱い肌

Release Date
March, 29th, 1972
Running Time
67 min
Screening Format
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[ Story ]

After Yano (Toshihiko Oda) is unable to give his wife Shimako (Mari Tanaka) the physical satisfaction she craves. Her frustration seeks outlets in seeing other men but they fail to give her any real satisfaction.
One day, while Shimako is out driving, she picks up two men and a girl. Shuich (Ken Yoshizawa), one of the men, slides in beside her while the other two sit behind.
Shuichi, a fast worker with women, acts boldly with her but Shimako only half- heartedly repulses him. Back in Tokyo, she continues to see him and, to her sorrow, he is an eye-witness to an accident in which Yusuke (Kazuhiko Yokota), her lover, is killed while with her.
Shuichi reports what he had seen to the police. Now, unable to perform in bed and blackmailed by Shuichi for money, Yano's sadistic tendencies toward his wife increase since he blames Shimako's poor driving for the plight he is in.
The love that Yano and Shimako had once felt for each other is gone and in Shimako's mind, the years stretch on without hope or happiness. Then, one day, in desperation, she drives down the Tomei Expressway alone…

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from Unijapan Film Quarterly 1972.15.3】

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