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Maruhi joro semejigoku

The Hell-Fated Courtesan


Release Date
April, 14th, 1973
Running Time
77 min
Screening Format
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[ Story ]

Yoshiwara in Asakusa was the most famous gay quarter in Japan and there are many colorful tales about it. Courtesans in beautiful, silken costumes, with elaborate hairdressing and made-up in traditional Japanese fashion, were not held in contempt like ordinary prostitutes.
Osen, beautiful of face and figure, is a favorite and has many admirers. Everyone thinks she will become a "tayu", the highest rank of courtesan. To her sorrow something happens that causes her downfall and she is regarded as an untouchable.
Three of Osen's guests die suddenly in succession and so men begin to call her the "Goddess of Death" and avoid her like the plaque. However, ill-fated Osen must support herself, so she plunges to the bottom to eke out a living doing only what she knows.
The only man unafraid of the rumors is Tomizo, who makes a fast buck in phony dice games. In time, he becomes her pimp.
It is he who persuades her to pose for Eisai, an artist dabbling in risqué subjects. Unhappily Osen begins to work for Eisai.
One day Osen, on her way home from Eisai's place, is assaulted by a gang and is raped in turn by all of them. She sees Eisai in the background, busily drawing the rape scene. He had hired the men to do it.
A man calls on Osen after she reaches home. On her way back, she had seen a girl and a man who had tried to commit double-suicide. The man says the girl, Ocho, is his sister but he is really Ocho's finance.
The man confesses he had lost Ocho to the other man. Osen showers her love on him. The man, Umekichi alias Seikichi, makes up his mind to marry Osen. He asks her to share his life with him but…

【Quoted from the database of Nikkatsu Corporation】
【Quoted from JAPANESE FILM 1975】

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