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Day and night



(c) 2018 “DAY AND NIGHT” Film Partners

(c) 2018 “DAY AND NIGHT” Film Partners

(c) 2018 “DAY AND NIGHT” Film Partners

(c) 2018 “DAY AND NIGHT” Film Partners

Release Date
January, 26th, 2019
Running Time
134 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format

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"DAY AND NIGHT " Film Partners

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Drama brought together under the aegis of idiosyncratic actor Yamada Takayuki, who focuses his energies on producing for this film. Deals with the fundamental question of whether people are good or bad by honing in on the gap between how people act and their true nature. Direction, original story, and lead performance by Abe Shinnosuke, who is Yamada's friend and belongs to the same agency.
Prompted by the suicide of his father, who was a whistleblower at the big firm where he worked, Akashi Koji (Abe) returns to his hometown. There he meets Kitamura (Ando Masanobu), who works at a foster care facility. Akashi sees that Kitamura has no problem committing crimes for the sake of the children, which opens his eyes to the possibility of exacting revenge.

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