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Gekijoban FLCL Alterna

FLCL Alternative

劇場版「フリクリ オルタナ」

(c)2018 Production I.G / TOHO

(c)2018 Production I.G / TOHO

(c)2018 Production I.G / TOHO

(c)2018 Production I.G / TOHO

(c)2018 Production I.G / TOHO

(c)2018 Production I.G / TOHO

Release Date
September, 7th, 2018
Running Time
137 min
Screening Format

[ Directed by ]

[ Produced by ]

[ Cast ]

[ Staff ]

[ Production Company ]

Theater Version FLCL Production Committee

[ Distributor (Japan) ]

TOHO Visual Entertainment

[ Production Studio ]

Production I.G, NUT, REVOROOT

[ Story ]

A new theatrical film continuing on from the six episode OVA series "FLCL" released back in 2000 which captured the attention of anime fans around the world. As with the previous series, "the pillows" continue to provide background music as well as the main theme song.
Komoto Kana (voice: Miyama Karen) is a gloomy high school student living life in a fog when Haruko (voice: Shintani Mayumi) comes into her life like a hurricane. Thereupon a flower suddenly blossoms from Kana's forehead. With her newly gained powers, Kana battlesagainst the giant steaming iron that is smashing the city.

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Production I.G, Inc.
2-1-9 Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0006
Attn: Francesco PRANDONI
tel: +81 422 53 0136
fax: +81 422 53 0189