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252 Seizonsha ari

252:Signal of Life

252 生存者あり

(c)2008 "252" Film Partners

(c)2008 "252" Film Partners

(c)2008 "252" Film Partners

(c)2008 "252" Film Partners

(c)2008 "252" Film Partners

(c)2008 "252" Film Partners

Release Date
December, 6th, 2008
Running Time
132 min
Drama , Feature
Screening Format
Screen Size
American Vista (1:1.85)
Sound Processing
Dolby SR

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[ Production Company ]

252 Film Partners, NTV, YTV, VAP, WARNER BROS. PICTURES JAPAN, A-Team, Twins Japan, STV, MMT, SDT, CTV, HTV, FBS

[ Distributor (Japan) ]


[ Production Studio ]

Twins Japan

[ Story ]

An epic spectacle which portrays people in an unprecedented disaster. A large quantity of water was actually used, in addition to CG and VFX, to achieve realistic images. Mizuta Nobuo of Maiko Haaaan!!!, in-house director of Nippon Television Network Corporation, created the tension-packed scenes.
The temperature of the Pacific Ocean suddenly increases after an epicentral earthquake in the Kanto region, and as a result, the largest typhoon ever in Japan heads towards Tokyo. The first sign is large hailstones. Shinohara Yuji (Ito Hideaki), a former member of the Hyper Rescue team but currently working for a car dealership, waits in Ginza to meet up with his daughter (Omori Ayane) and wife (Sakurai Sachiko) for his daughter's birthday celebration. Following the hailstones, the whole of the Shinbashi area is completely submerged by a huge tidal wave. Yuji and his daughter are trapped in the underground station complex, whilst his wife is rescued by the Hyper Rescue team, led by Yuji's brother, Shizuma (Uchino Masaaki). Yuji waits to be rescued with his daughter, along with Sumin (Minji) who has been injured trying to protect the daughter, Shigemura (Yamada Takayuki) and Fujii (Kimura Yuichi). The only chance to rescue them is to blow up the building during the 18 minutes when the area enters the eye of the typhoon and the wind dies down. When the figure ‘252 (rescue code)' connects the people on overground with those in the underground, a miracle happens.

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