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Keimusho no Naka

Doing Time


Release Date
December, 7th, 2002
Running Time
99 min
Feature , Feature
Screening Format

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Be-Wild, Eisei Gekijo

[ Story ]

Gun-crazy Hanawa (Yamazaki Tsutomu) lands a three-year sentence for illegal possession of an unlicensed firearm and other crimes, and finds himself in jail. There, surrounded by a motley assortment of colorful characters, he finds a harsh life governed by strict rules that far surpass anything in the army. From trying to identify the former owners of body hairs found during cleaning to rumors about other prisoners, the topics of daily conversation are wildly trivial, and the highlights of prison life are the rare treats of candy and holiday movie showings. As the days pass by in strange rules and stranger happenings, the bond between Hanawa and his cellmates grows. They give each other their addresses so they can stay in touch after getting out. However, the guards find the memo, and the cellmates are sent to solitary confinement, where the men can do nothing but sit at a desk and make pill packaging all day. They're first for baths, and they even get to read the paper. For Hanawa, solitary confinement may just be bliss. Director Sai Yoichi (All Under the Moon) adapts Hanawa Kazuichi's real-life prison memoir comic of the same name for the big screen.

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