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Bokunchi - My House


Release Date
April, 12th, 2003
Running Time
115 min
Screening Format

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[ Production Company ]

MICOTT & BASARA, Kyoto Film Studio TOEI, SHOGAKUKAN, Eisei Gekijo, TV TOKYO, Asmik Ace Entertainment, TOKYO FM

[ Story ]

Kyoko (Ohtori Ran), mother of Itta and Nita, comes back home to Suihei Island after a long absence. This time she's there to introduce the two young boys to their big sister, Kanoko (Mizuki Arisa). All three are born of different fathers and this is the beginning of their new life together. The poverty of Suihei Island is coloured with various unique residents such as Kohei, a punk who's gentle to women and children, and Tetsu-ji, an iron scrap scavenger. One day, the three siblings are evicted because of the unexpected sale of the deed to their house, and end up living in an apartment. In order to support them, Kanoko starts working at a filthy brothel which the older of the two brothers, Itta, can't bear. Wanting to be independent, Itta leaves the island. Kanoko forgives errant mother Kyoko, who caused all this trouble, and also admits Nita is actually her own son and decides to raise him as such.
Directed by Sakamoto Junji, whose name is highly acclaimed in the international film festival circuit. The film is based on the Saibara Rieko's best-selling comic series, which received the Bungei-Shunju Comic Award.

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